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Any question, any time. Presenting a new level of personal service, The Find Studio’s fashion concierge service can connect you with expert advice on all things fashion, with no request being too big or small. Whether you are in need of wardrobe and styling advice, size and fit information, or product aftercare assistance and services, The Find Studio can assist you. 


Personalised. Convenient. A full-service experience. The Find Studio’s personal shopping and product sourcing service gives you access to shop what you want, when you want, from where you want. 


At The Find Studio, we value every facet of the shopping experience. The Find Studio takes the guesswork and hassle out of shopping and creates an effortless and flawless shopping experience tailored to suit your needs by handling the entire shopping process for you. Whether you are in need of a seasonal wardrobe refresh, an outfit for a special occasion or event, or are after packing essentials for an upcoming getaway, The Find Studio is here to handle the simplest and most complex shopping requests, leaving you with confidence in every purchase that you make.


With a network of global contacts with trusted luxury fashion boutiques and retailers, The Find Studio’s product sourcing service sees us source pieces from upcoming (pre-reserve), current and past season collections, including those that are impossible to find due to being in high demand. 


In need of the perfect gift? No matter whom your giftee may be, The Find Studio’s bespoke personal gifting service is designed to meet all of your gifting needs – stress-free. With an in-depth knowledge of luxury fashion and the latest trends, The Find Studio can provide you with a carefully curated selection of gifting ideas, unique to your individual gifting requirements. The Find Studio can have the perfect item gift wrapped and shipped to any location, worldwide. 


1. Send your request to The Find Studio via your preferred online messaging platform.

For any product requests, include an image or description of the piece and your size for clothing and shoes. 


2. The Find Studio will respond to your request and begin the sourcing process.  


3. Once the piece has been located, The Find Studio will ship the piece to your desired location, worldwide.  

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