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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your service fee?

The Find Studio charges a non-refundable service fee of $200 AUD.


Please note, that the sourcing fee may differ for certain items, particularly those that are extremely rare. 

The item that I am looking for is sold out. Can you help me find this item?

Yes. The Find Studio specialises in sourcing pieces from upcoming, current and past season releases, including those that are impossible to find due to being in high demand or ‘sold out’.


Whilst we cannot guarantee that every piece can be located, we will go above and beyond to fulfil each client request.

Can I pre-order items?

Yes. The Find Studio specialises in sourcing pre-reserve or pre-order pieces from upcoming collections. 

How do I purchase an item?

Simply send your request to The Find Studio via your preferred online messaging platform. For any product requests, include an image or description of the piece and your size for clothing and shoes. 


Contact us here

Are all items 100% authentic?

Yes. The Find Studio sources product that are 100% authentic. With a network of global contacts with trusted luxury fashion boutiques and retailers, The Find Studio only sources product from those whom are trusted in selling only 100% authentic pieces.

Are you able to return pieces?

We are sadly unable to accept returns or exchanges. 

What payment methods do you accept?

The Find Studio accepts payments via credit or debit card and bank transfer.

Why are some pieces priced higher than the retail price?

There are a number of reasons that some pieces may be priced higher than the retail price in your region. These may include the rarity of the piece, the fact that the piece is being sourced from another region or the currency conversion rates at that point in time.


The Find Studio goes above and beyond to ensure that a cost effective approach is maintained when sourcing each piece.


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. The Find Studio ships worldwide using the DHL Express shipping service. 

Will I have to pay taxes and duties on my purchase??

The Find Studio does not charge clients for taxes or duties on shipping. Taxes and duties charged for international shipments will need to be compensated for at the client’s expense. 

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